Heal Yourself and Be Your Best

Your body can heal itself. Just think about the last time you got a scratch. What happened after a few days? The scratch went away. Your body healed itself.

Without you thinking about it, your body was able to heal itself.  That's an awesome power.

Yet, we know that healing is not always so simple.  There is confusion and frustration when we do not feel well and cannot regain our health.  Before you go out to find the missing vitamin, the misaligned vertebra or the best drug, take a moment to understand what healing is.

The words heal, holistic and health all have the same root meaning, "to be whole."  "To be whole" opens up our understanding of healing to include all aspects of an individual's life.  This means that you look not only at your physical health, but also your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

A change in one area will have an effect in another.  For example, a man told me that he used to visit a chiropractor regularly and enjoyed it.  These regular visits helped him with his back pain.  However, it was when he stopped talking to his father-in-law that his back went away entirely.

I encourage you to look at the suggestions below and take inventory of your own life.  You will gain greater self awareness and become your own best doctor.

Category 1:  Get your head right

1. Eliminate fear by learning how the body actually works and what creates health.

2. Take responsibility for what happens to you.

3. Recognize that anything is possible, but that typically a young body heals easier than an old one.

4. Understand that healing comes from within.  Trust your body’s innate intelligence.

5. Focus on the good in your life and make the best of your situation. Be grateful—things could always be worse.

6. Recognize that sometimes tough things have to happen in order for us to improve our lives.

7. Life does not standstill. Move forward—that which is done cannot be undone. The body in which you dwell at this moment is not the one you inhabited ten years ago or will inhabit ten years later.

8. Have enough of everything, but not too much or too little of anything. Moderation is the key.

9. You can have anything you want, but it is much harder to have everything you want.

10.  Look for the reason you have a problem in the first place rather than merely immediately attempting to get rid of the issue.

11.  Have goals. Focus on building or creating the life your desire.

12.  Learn to discern between the counterfeit and the genuine.

Category 2:  Have Discipline

1.  Work on your posture

2.  Perform a moderate amount of physical activity

3.  Control your habits and emotions.

Category 3:  Change your lifestyle to reduce and better deal with stress.

1. Get sufficient rest.

2. Avoid drugs & toxins and stay out of harm's way.

3. Eat slowly and enjoy high quality food.

4. Slow down to a normal pace.

5. Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

6. Try to have a better relationship with family and friends.

7. Engage in an intellectual activity.

8. Live a purposeful life that reflects care for other people.

9. Spend less than you earn.

10.   Be Patient—Miracles happen everyday,  but nature works in small sequential steps.

11.   Be proactive, not reactive.