How the body works
An intelligence guided your growth from a small seed to birth.

This same power remains within you now.

Your life force guides your body to change, adapt, heal and adjust.

Change: Your skin is replaced every two to four weeks.  We have completely new liver cells every two years.  Every bone in your body is replaced with new material every 10 years.

Adapt: Your heart rate increases or decreases to meet the physical demands your body encounters.  The action of millions of muscle fibers are coordinated so you can perform even the simplest task.

Heal: Have you ever gotten a scratch?  What happened after a few days? The scratch went away.  Your body healed itself.

Adjust: Your body shifts to keep your eyes level and your body aligned for the smoothest possible motion.

Your body conducts this activity on its own without you having to give it much thought.

When your body is under too much stress from traumas, toxins and destructive thoughts it struggles with its normal work.

At these times, you do not feel well and experience one of, or a combination of, the following:
Fever, Congestion, Sneezing, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Coughing, Sweating, Skin Eruptions and/or Pain.

These are powerful ways that the body goes about reestablishing internal order. Their individual functions are explained below.

FEVER:  the rise in temperature creates an inhospitable environment, breaks up waste and
increases all the chemical reactions (metabolism) of the body (i.e. respiration and digestion).

CONGESTION:  if mucus encapsulates toxins it will be green.  If the mucus is clear the body is eliminating dog hair, pollen or other harmless material.

COUGHING:  air forcibly dislodges particles from the airways

SNEEZING:  water is forced out with air.  As a result the sinuses are cleansed.

VOMITTING:  a violent ejection of toxins through the mouth

DIARRHEA:  a violent ejection of toxins through the colon

SWEATING:  an excretion from the skin to cool the body and clear metabolic waste

PAIN:  a signal that the body is experiencing too much stress

CRYING:  liquid cleans out the eyes and provides an emotional release

SKIN ERUPTIONS:  the skin takes on the additional function of elimination by pushing out
waste through its pores in the form of pus.