Chiropractic is like food.  You could eat well sometimes and visit the chiropractor when your back hurts. Or, you could eat well all the time and visit the chiropractor regularly so that you are always at your best.  The chiropractor is like a chef.  He takes the ingredients you have, your body parts, and arranges them so they work well together.  
"Chiropractor Fernando Mendez serves very rich food!"  Some people may even get a (belly) ache as they digest what they receive.  Be patient, chiropractic is somewhat of an acquired taste.  The more care you receive and the more you learn about chiropractic, the more you will appreciate your chiropractic services.

Pasquale Cerasoli, Chiropractor (1911-2010)
A highly recommended 40 minute talk that explains chiropractic here.

A short video (3min22sec) in which my mentor explains chiropractic.

Read a short article in 'El Barrio News' from when the practice was on 31st Street in Brooklyn.

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Click on the Image to watch chiropractic in the movies. Jacob's Ladder (1990) Viewer Discretion is Advised. Watch 13 minutes from the moment he gets thrown from the car.
How does the body heal?
Click on the image below to find out.

A biology lesson from Pasquale.  Discusses infections

at the cellular level. (10m32sec)

William H. Werner, Chiropractor (1890-1959)
My mentor's mentor explains why germs do not
cause disease. (4min8sec)

The Chiropractor Looks at Infection
J. Robinson Verner, Chiropractor &
Clarence W. Weiant, Chiropractor
J. Robinson Verner, Chiropractor 
FALLACIES Unlimited, 1954
The chiropractor is interested in "cause" primarily because he intends to do something about correcting it.
The chiropractor does not worry about the symptom save as a control on his analysis.  He must correct faulty structure.
If the chiropractor can not visualize the relation between disturbed structure and disturbed function, then he cannot correctly adjust the patient.
What makes the chiropractor unique is that he sees the relation between structure and function and he may correct function via structure.  Only in this manner does he take care of his patient.  This and only this is his field, and in this he should be (par excellence) unexcelled.
Chiropractic & Respiration
Chiropractic Respiration
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Chiropractic & Nutrition
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