"Why does a child need chiropractic?"
                                  "His back doesn't hurt."

                 "She's just a baby!"

Life gives each one of us all we can handle.


This includes children.


Your child doesn't have a job, doesn't have bills and doesn't have children, but try to remember when you were young.


The stress of the big test, of fitting in, of dealing with your parents, of falling off monkey bars, of playing tackle football on concrete.


That's life and it's always been tough.

Chiropractic is part of a holistic lifestyle.  A chiropractor takes care of your growing child's vertebral column.

In general, children do have more supple vertebral columns than adults.  This is why they are more flexible and have more energy than adults.  They have simply had less time to be hardened by life.  Children are full of possibilities.

Chiropractic helps children perform with greater ease.

Discusses Fever, Coughs, Ear Pain & Diarrhea

"It's not about what you like or dislike. 
It's about what you have to do."
Parents must direct their child to get chiropractic.

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

At birth, baby squeezes into the world by contorting and twisting his body.  He's pulled, pushed, compressed and twisted.
Holding up your head and learning to crawl involves strengthening the vertebral column.
Little children get bumps, bites and bruises as they explore their new world.
Loud noises, pollution, junk food and drugs knock the body out of alignment.
School is heavy back packs, long hours seated and stressful tests.
For better posture, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.