Break down the old and let the new flow.

Every body has a story.  Traumas, destructive thoughts and toxins get locked within your body.  The chiropractor can feel this tension. 

This "crap" from your past will wear you down over time.  To be healthy, your body must breakdown and eliminate this waste.

The chiropractor puts a force into your body that corresponds to the abnormal tension he feels.  This force reverberates through your bones and throughout your body.

As the vibration travels it breaks up waste.  This makes the waste small enough to be picked up by the blood and lymph, and allows you to excrete it with greater ease.

Free of this debris, your body can adjust to improve alignment and function.

Audio: Pasquale Cerasoli, Chiropractor, Brooklyn, NY  (1911-2010)

"...diseases occur when an individual becomes too hardened...hardening of the arteries is the dynamic behind every case of heart disease, calcification of the soft tissues in the joints is the root of every case of arthritis, and the mineralization of the affected organs is one of the dynamics underlying the disease of cancer."

                                                                                               -Thomas S. Cowan, MD