Welcome to my office.


My name is Fernando Mendez and I am a chiropractor in Brooklyn, New York.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn and I opened my practice here in 2007.


I received my chiropractic education at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa and my bachelors of art from Amherst College.


The chiropractic services I provide are done completely by hand.  My work is inspired by traditional chiropractic methods that have been refined over generations.  I achieve my excellent results without using electrical devices, rolling tables, supplements or x-rays.


The body needs consistent care to perform with ease.  That is why I have made chiropractic care at my office affordable and accessible.  If someone wants to relieve pain and feel good, there may be quicker and less expensive ways to do so.  This office, however, is for people who have a holistic view of health.  They are serious about improving themselves physically, mentally and spiritually through the use of natural methods.


Are you willing to invest your time, energy and money to naturally improve how your body functions?  If the answer is yes, then I invite you to visit my office.


Best wishes,


Fernando Mendez