An intelligence guided your growth from a small seed to birth.

This same power remains with you during your continued growth.

Have you ever scratched your finger?

What happened after a few days?

The scratch went away.

Your body can heal itself.
In a healthy body, all the parts work together in harmony.  

However, when your body is under too much stress (physical, chemical, emotional) you do not feel good.

At these times, you experience the signs and symptoms of disease: pain, inflammation, excessive sweating, etc.


Specifically, what most people think of as their problem, i.e. fever, congestion, coughing, is actually the body breaking up and eliminating waste.

We are all aware of the importance of good nutrition to build a strong body.  But equally important is the constant cleansing that occurs in the body.

When remodeling a house, the first step is the demolition of the old structures.  A similar process goes on inside of us.  Discomfort is part of your transformation, from who you are to who you are becoming.

Below are some examples of the cleansing we all experience,

Fever (Inflammation): the rising body temperature kills germs.  Also, our metabolism increases and this allows us to break up more waste.

Congestion:  mucus encapsulates toxins and other foreign particles such as dog hair and pollen.

Coughing:  are forcibly dislodges particles from our airways.

Sneezing:  our sinuses are cleansed as fluids are pushed out with air.

Vomiting:  toxins in our gut are violently ejected through our colon.

Sweating:  fluids cool the skin while also excreting waste.

Healthcare should be about assisting the body to perform its normal functions.  However, most people are unaware of how the body works and they suppress natural processes.  This creates chronic illness, as the body is constantly trying to cleanse, but never allowed to go through the whole process.

Rest is the Greatest Healer

This wisdom is not new.  In fact, many cultures have used saunas and sweat lodges to create the heat a person experiences during a fever.  Massage works because it moves accumulated waste products out of the muscles.  Applying heat and cold to an injury has the same effect as massage, as does moderate exercise.  Fasting (not eating) allows the body to concentrate its forces on breaking down and eliminating waste.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Taking care of yourself when you do not feel good is healthcare because you are taking care of your health.  Most people practice disease care, because they take care of themselves once they have a problem.  Healthcare is proactive, while disease care is reactive.

"diseases occur when an individual becomes too hardened...hardening of the arteries is the dynamic behind every case of heart disease, calcification of the soft tissues in the joints is the root of every case of arthritis, and the mineralization of the affected organs is one of the dynamics underlying the disease of cancer."  
-ThomasS. Cowan, MD